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Since 1979, the attorneys at Brown & Crouppen have represented victims suffering injuries caused by accidents and family members grieving the deaths of their loved ones. Those tragic events had one thing in common. They all were caused by negligent acts.

Helping You Overcome The Obstacles

We do not shy away from complex cases in our pursuit of justice. Our 70-member legal team combines more than 180 years of personal injury claims experience. All of our lawyers are committed to employing all their and the firm's resources toward holding negligent parties accountable.

In addition to practically unmatched legal skills and success, we have also received recognition from our peers. Missouri Lawyers Weekly named Brown & Crouppen the "winningest plaintiff law firm."

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Do not wait another minute. Do not speak to insurance companies, adjusters or anyone before calling Brown & Crouppen toll-free at 855-367-0900. You can also reach our St. Louis-based law office and other locations through our online intake form. All legal fees are determined by the compensation we recover. Simply put, if you don't get paid, neither do we.