Holding Negligent Pet Owners Accountable

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When owners of pets fail to properly control their animals, serious injuries are often the result. At , we pursue personal injury claims on behalf of our clients suffering the ill-effects of dog bites and other animal attacks.

The Physical And Emotional Pain From Pets

From children to the elderly, animal bites and attacks are physically painful and emotionally scarring. A love for dogs and other pets turns to fear and dread when the jaws of a vicious animal take hold.

At Brown and Crouppen, our job is to pursue justice in the form of financial compensation. For residents of Missouri and southern Illinois, we have fought to hold negligent pet owners responsible for failing to restrain their animals.

While an inattentive pet owner could be cited by law enforcement, that action does little to help facilitate physical and psychological healing. The lawyers at our firm will conduct thorough investigations to get to the facts and secure the compensation victims are entitled to.

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