When A Blessed Event Goes Terribly Wrong

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Birth injuries are traumatic, both physically and psychologically. Emotions run high as victims want answers to questions. The attorneys at Brown and Crouppen are experienced in this complex area of personal injury law and will fight to get to the facts.

Compassionate Advocacy For Birth Injury Victims

Birth InjuryThe time leading up to the birth of a child brings anticipation and excitement. However, when a baby is born injured, the thrills turn to fears. An event that should be blessed is now traumatic.

Medical professionals who fall short in their standards of care during childbirth must be held accountable. Nothing can change what happened. However, justice should be pursued for the injured child who may face serious challenges in the future.

Brown and Crouppen is known for securing more than a half-billion-dollars in damages for injured Missouri and Southern Illinois residents. Our attorneys handle all aspects of emotionally-charged birth injury claims and fight to maximize compensation by settling or litigating cases.

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