Holding Drug & Medical Device Manufacturers Accountable

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At Brown and Crouppen, we possess a track record of multimillion-dollar success in our practice of defective drug and medical device litigation. We have litigated individual and class action product liability claims throughout Missouri and the entire country.

When Healing Becomes Harmful

Medical DevicesPrescription medication and medical devices are supposed to have beneficial effects. Yet, manufacturers unleash improperly designed and defective products to unwitting consumers in need of relief.

What was supposed to help them only makes their conditions worse. Serious injuries and death are often the result.

That is where the attorneys at Brown and Crouppen step in to help. Our firm has litigated dangerous drug cases that involved everything from Accutane and Benicar to Yaz and Zoloft. In fact, our firm secured $40 million in one single mass tort case.

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