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At Brown and Crouppen, we have the experience and skills to take on legally complex and emotionally charged mesothelioma claims. Our attorneys take on large and powerful corporations who continue to ignore the damage that asbestos products have done to their workers.

A Life-Ending Illness Requires Aggressive Legal Advocacy

We represent a wide range of clients who have suffered exposure to asbestos and received the diagnosis of mesothelioma, a disease that has no cure. While a vast majority of cases involve workers, we also take on claims where innocent family members have inhaled fibers through the simple act of washing family members' clothes.

While our clients attend to their medical needs, we conduct a thorough investigation. We attend to every detail. Being thorough helps us build strong claims. At Brown & Crouppen, those cases have helped to hold accountable companies who have refused to acknowledge the well-known and well-documented health risks of asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma diagnoses bring uncertain futures. During a tragic time, victims and their family members are entitled to a sense of certainty. While no amount of money can turn back time before asbestos exposure, we will pursue claims with dogged determination. Victims and their loved ones need that level of dedicated and diligent legal representation when so much is at stake.

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