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Commonly considered "the hidden crime," elder abuse and neglect maintains a tragic prominence. At Brown and Crouppen, we bring these dangerous and potentially deadly acts to light and fight for victims and their family members.

An Unwavering Pursuit Of Justice

Tragically, nursing home abuse comes in many forms, most difficult to recognize. Add to that the fear or inability of the elderly or vulnerable to communicate heinous acts that take various forms and include:

Physical/verbal/emotional abuse

  • Misuse of restraints
  • Physical/verbal/emotional/medical neglect
  • Bed sores
  • Falls
  • Medication errors
  • Choking
  • Elopement/wandering

While states have addressed what happens behind the closed doors of nursing homes, abuse and neglect still occur. More than 80 percent of cases go unreported or unrecognized. The death of an elderly resident is practically a daily occurrence. Often, their demise is linked to natural causes, not violence. Even worse, investigations and prosecutions remain the exception and not the rule.

Legal representation at the outset is paramount. The attorneys at Brown and Crouppen are skilled in attending to every detail in their investigations. With the facts, they fight to hold nursing homes and other care facilities accountable for injuries and death.

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