Maximizing Compensation For Sexual Abuse Victims

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At Brown and Crouppen, we provide compassionate and personalized legal representation for victims of sexual abuse. Justice that comes with a conviction is only the beginning. We will take the fight to civil court to secure compensation for injuries suffered.

Holding Sexual Abusers Accountable

Sexual abuse can take many forms. Vulnerable victims range from children to the elderly. Even the simple act of going on a date can end in a violent attack that leaves a victim physically injured and emotionally scarred.

While the police will arrest and charge an abuser, criminal penalties do little to compensate victims for their losses. That is where we come in to help. At Brown and Crouppen, we pursue justice through personal injury claims. We take on these legally complex and emotionally charged legal matters with dedication and diligence.

On behalf of Missouri and southern Illinois residents, our goal is to maximize the compensation they are entitled to.

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